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Gobox mini mint
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Gobox mini mint (organizer)

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  • Gobox Mini is a convenient storage system. More info
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Gobox Mini is a convenient storage system.

The high-quality, food grade polypropylene plastic reliably protects the contents of the box.

The organizer body is divided into two sections: the first holds two large compartments, and the second holds four small ones.


Taking care of your health is even more comfortable with Gobox Mini:

  • Size: 10*7*3 cm;
  • 6 storage areas;
  • Miniature format (easy to carry in your pocket or purse);
  • Individual transparent lids on each module keeps products separated;
  • Available in three colors - choose your colorful Gobox Mini!



  • can be stored both at room temperature and in the refrigerator, but out of reach of children;
  • can be washed with non-abrasive detergents in by hand with a cloth or soft sponge;
  • do not microwave;
  • avoid sunlight;
  • avoid abrasive household chemicals;
  • avoid contact with sand, salt, various lotions, oily and alcoholic substances, syrupy liquids, and creams.
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